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2016 / 02

Historie a současnost

Doc. PhDr. Rudolf Vlasák

Linda Jansová
Summary: The paper contains references to 272 works written by doc. PhDr. Rudolf Vlasák, an eminent personality in the Czech library and information landscape, and data about 173 theses which R. Vlasák has supervised or reviewed. A portion of the data has been converted into an experimental ontology. The paper has been prepared on the occasion of Rudolf Vlasák’s eightieth birthday....

Vydávání audioknih jako jedna z možností prezentace regionální literatury prostřednictvím knihoven

Monika Oravová
Summary: The article deals with a new activity of the Moravian-Silesian Research Library in Ostrava – publishing regional literature as audiobooks. With this activity, the library both further develops its services to visually impaired readers and introduces a new way of promoting and unlocking regional literature. The article describes the emergence of a new series called "Regional Audiobooks", methods of choosing titles, and also the process of producing and distributing its audiobooks....

Mapové indexy pro potřeby katalogizace mapových děl

Jan Russnák, Z. Stachoň
Summary: Taking the map sheet system into account is the crucial aspect for simple identification and fast finding of the specific map sheet during the cataloguing of map series spread over several partial map sheets. The map sheet system and the method of the individual map sheets distribution is called map index. This paper describes existing approaches to the map indexes and based on the examples illustrates how to identify an individual map sheet in the whole system. The goal of this paper is to describes various known approaches of the map indexes as well as point out the problems of their usage for map series cataloguing....

Informace a konference

Tezaurus – prostriedok k zjednoteniu odbornej terminológie v oblasti celulózo-papierenského priemyslu a súčasne aj nadstavba existujúceho komplexného informačného systému

Alena Zuzánková
Summary: Thesaurus is generally regarded as the extension of the existing information system in a specific field of science. Pulp and paper industry in the Slovak and Czech Republic in this region has a long tradition. The absence of a thesaurus in the field of science processing of wood is therefore considered to be a drawback, since the thesaurus forms an effective basis for information retrieval and study work in research, project and educational activities, project and as well as for the educational activities. The aim of the project is to create a monolingual thesaurus and unify the pulp and paper terminology.The presented comprehensive information system is interconnected with the creation of the thesaurus is based on strong, effective used of information funds, their digitization and in the own pulp and paper database and in the continuous provide professional information for research and development, universities and business....


GÖSSEL Gabriel and ŠÍR Filip. Recorded Sound in Czech Lands, 1900 –1946. Brno: The Moravian Library in Brno, 2016. – 207 s. ISBN 978-80-7051-218-0

Filip Šír
Summary: This publication is the first comprehensive contribution to mapping the history of the sound industry in the Czech lands or the Czechoslovak Republic. The publication provides data excerpted from the press of the period, publications and corporate catalogues, knowledge gained by examining physically-found gramophone records and other materials. The collected materials relate to all of the record companies that imported gramophone records to Bohemia, Moravia, and to the Czechoslovak Republic after 1918. Alternatively, they also include records recorded in this area with the participation of Czech, Moravian and Slovak soloists and orchestras. The gramophone record distributors of the relevant brands, size and type of the recorded repertoire, as well as a list of prominent artists who recorded for the relevant company are specified for each record label represented here. With a few exceptions, information was not systematically provided about recordings originating after 1946, when the recording industry in Czechoslovakia was nationalized and the national Gramofonové závody enterprise was established ...